healthy snack products

baked lays - .875 oz

baked lays bbq - .875 oz

baked doritos nacho

baked cheetos - .875 oz

rf doritos nachos - 1 oz

rf doritos cool ranch - 1 oz

stacy’s pita chips - cinnamin sugar

kettle popcorn

herr’s baked potato chips lss

pepp farm simply multigrain cracker

popped chips sco

popped chips bbq

kashi hummus caramelized onion

kashi hummus sundried tomato

popcorners sea salt

popcorners kettle

popcorners jalepeno

popcorners butter

popcorners caramel

popcorners white cheddar

sensible foods dried sweet corn

sensible foods dried tropical blend

sensible foods dried fuji apple

sensible foods apple cinnamon straw

chex mix traditional

chex mix cheddar

snyder’s nibblers

snyder’s mini pretzels

snyder’s thin pretzels

snyder’s old tym

snyder’s veggie chips

rold gold honey wheat pretzel braids

wheat thins veggie crisps

sun chips - original

sun chips - garden salsa

sun chips - garden salsa lss


healthy beverages 20 oz bottles

diet coke

coke zero

coke zero cherry

diet pepsi

diet pepsi wild cherry

sprite zero


diet dr pepper

fuze honey tea

ginger ale

Diet ginger ale

seltzer original

seltzer black cherry

seltzer lemon lime

seltzer orange

powerade mountain blast

powerade fruit punch

powerade orange

powerade lemon lime

gatorade orange

gatorade lemon/ lime

gatorade fruit punch

gatorade blue


vitamin water - xxx

vitamin water - power c

vitamin water zero - squeezed

snapple diet lemon tea

snapple diet peach

snapple diet rasberry

healthy bars

nutri grain - strawberry 

nutri grain - rasberry

nutri grain - apple cinnamon

nature valley - oats ans honey

nature valley - peanut butter

fiber one - 90 calorie choc brownies

glenny’s cherry almond bars

glenny’s peanut bar


nuts & trail mix

planters peanuts - 1 oz / 2 oz

planters honey roasted peanuts 1 oz

planters trail mix - fruit and nuts

mr nature trail mix - unsalted

mr nature trail mix - mix and yogurt

mr nature trail mix - energizer

kars trail mix - unsalted

kars almonds 1 oz


healthy cookies & pastries

linden chocolate chippers cookies

linden butter cruncher cookies

glenny’s brownie bar - healthy


healthy beverages - cans

diet coke

coke zero

coke zero cherry

c/f diet coke

diet coke lemon

fanta orange zero

sprite zero


ginger ale

diet ginger ale


diet dr pepper

diet pepsi

diet pepsi wild cherry

c/f diet pepsi

sierra mist diet

crush orange diet


lemon ice tea

diet lemon ice tea

peach tea

diet peach tea

mango madness

fruit punch

kiwi strawberry

rasberry tea

diet rasberry